If you’re just starting in the music industry, you know that you need to promote your music regardless if it’s online or physically. However, the numbers of how you can get it done can be overwhelming especially if you’re mix is not properly made thus, having great audio mixing and mastering services can help you out. And reading these articles from Club Can’t Hear Mastering Engineer will surely add to the success of making a well-planned promotion strategy.

  1. Explore all social media platforms – Do not underestimate how social media platforms can impact the overall popularity of your music. Cover as many platforms as possible: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and even LinkedIn. Every platform has its own vibe and context, and the best thing you can do is to tailor every content for each network. Write posts about your music, thoughts, and even art, engage with your audience and grow followers.
  2. Planning your promotional work – Before making your music be available for purchase, you have to first consider if it’s well-made. For this reason, having a song mastering backing you up is the best first step. You have to make sure everything is polished and clear before uploading your material to your distributors. Make a window for your promotional time and send your music to DJs and radios that are relevant to yours. It is not hard, all you have to do is put a little bit of effort into researching which radio or DJ appropriate for your music. Contact a host and send them a great promo, and don’t forget to make sure that it is in high-quality MP3 with notes for an audio engineer, notes about you and your release.3. Use Soundcloud – One of the best sites for musical artists is Soundcloud. You can share your music there, share feedback, and interact with other people that have the same goal as you. It is probably the most relevant social platform for artists.
  3. Extend your social interaction – Try to aim to find similar artists with your music. Find individuals who have the same passion as you do – style and taste. You can easily make this happen by going to Facebook, on top of the search bar you can target similar people in groups.
  4. Release your music constantly – We highly recommend you to have a release at least once a month or so, in this way you can build a greater audience. The more you make releases, the more your post gets easily noticed. Add it with daily practice to make it even better. The key to this is being consistent.

Now your recording is ready to be released! But if not, why not go and hire a professional mixing and mastering services such as Club Can’t Hear. You can check the best package for your budget, send them your valued tracks today. Unlike any other mastering engineers, they don’t use robots, algorithms, or shortcuts. Try them now!