Have you ever dreamed of playing your favorite guitar songs? There are many people who have the desire to learn how to play the guitar, but just don’t have that one final piece of the puzzle yet. Where do you begin? How do you practice when you are trying to take your beginner guitar song playing skills to a whole new level?

Of course, you can always try to pick up your guitar and work on some of your own songwriting on your own. That is always a good idea, but many people don’t know where to start.

Here are 7 tips to take you from beginning guitar songwriting to a true beginner guitar songwriter.

1. Look for Love Songs

There are many songs out there that are structured for beginning guitarists. Do some searching online and turn up a few dozen songs that catch your attention. Even if they aren’t exactly suitable for the style you’re learning, pick a few of them and see how much you enjoy them. Maybe there’s one you especially enjoy that may just be exactly what you need.

2. Begin with Chords You Definitely Can’t Miss

Chords are an important part of guitar playing, and some of the best songs out there are built around simple, yet great sounding chords. If you don’t already have some sort of chord song idea, start with one you would recognize if you were seeing someone play it. Websites like endless guitarist have many videos of great players playing songs with just a few chords. Take a look at these videos first and see if you can find any that you could use to round out your beginning repertoire.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Avoid New Chords

One of the great things about being a beginner guitar player is that you’ll almost always be learning some new chords. Even the classics we’ve grown to love have new sounds that you might not recognize before. Don’t be afraid to go down the list of your favorites and start to learn some of the newer ones. Some of the best songs ever written were quickly thrown together and were never heard of again. Go with this. You don’t have to learn an entire song from start to finish. Start with those chords and songs, which will definitely give you a few favorites that you’ll come back to time after time.

4. Start With Chord Mastery

Most beginners like to start learning by learning what is called “sweets and groups.” These are the two basic chords that are used in most breakbeats and rhythm guitar. With them, you’ve got two very nice chords to play with and can really make your music come together. Learn your chords and you’ve got a better chance of getting a feel for which notes combine well with which other chords.

5. Take Lessons

Regular lessons with a qualified instructor are always a great idea. Teaching you to play the guitar could be fun, but the payoffs can be very significant. If you’re unfamiliar with the right techniques, a few sessions with a professional instructor can help you shape your talent into something that happily serves you for a long time.

6. Be a Lyric Master

Never forget your love for great lyrics. You’ve got to have them with you because the words are everything. Learn some of your favorite songwriters to see how their words flow, and how you can incorporate this style into your own style. There are only a few songs that have enough depth of meaning for people to sing all the way through without cracking at the edges. Chuck Berry is a classic in this regard, as are many old classics from when rock and roll first started.

7. Go Check out Some Live Bands

Nothing is more exciting than surprising yourself and finding out you’re a great live band. Look around locally and find out who’s doing what, who’s making a name for themselves and make a point of seeing them play. Or, if you don’t want to go that far, go check out some national acts. There are all kinds of great bands out there and they’ll inspire you to create your own.

8. Listen to All Kinds of Music

You’ll get a lot of enjoyment from the music you listen to. Try the sounds of classical, some country, other kinds of jazz, bluegrass, R&B. You’ll probably discover bands you just can’t live without.

9. Go to Records Through a Moderation Company

There are times when you just can’t take the credit that you deserve for an act you did back in the day. Maybe you were part of the original cast, or maybe you were along for the ride. If you want a break from the “I-can’t-believe-people-act-this-way-in-everything-they-do” phenomenon, talk to the managers of some up-and-coming singers.